The Best Company Career Pages of 2023

A well-designed careers page is invaluable for HR professionals. It’s a powerful tool for a successful recruiting strategy and an easy way to showcase company culture, benefits, and growth opportunities. The best company careers pages streamline the application process, enhance the candidate experience, and save HR professionals time and resources.

Read on to learn more about career page design and explore 11 examples of great Top Workplaces careers pages. 

The careers page

Before we dive in, let’s review. Careers pages are designed to highlight a company’s open roles and convey the employee experience. In other words, these webpages offer a glimpse of what makes your company tick. 

It matters because job seekers do their homework. They want a day-in-the-life-look at what it’s like to work for your company in addition to benefits information, values, culture, and competitive advantages. They often look at many careers pages — one after another — so it’s also important to differentiate your careers page from the competition.  

Common benefits of intentional careers page design include: 

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How to build a careers page

Recent technology developments and hiring trends make it essential for companies in all industries to understand the new, higher-caliber career page web design. It is critical to give job seekers what they’re looking for and convince them that your company culture is worth exploring. 

To attract people who are a good match for your culture, design your careers page around your company’s strengths and include information such as: 

  • Well-written job descriptions
  • Interactive features and visual content
  • Employee reviews (past and current) 
  • Company culture strengths and highlights
  • Employee perks and benefits
  • Employer-of-choice awards

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Best careers page examples of 2023

Top Workplaces use employer recognition badges and feature their culture strengths to attract candidates and differentiate their organizations. If you are looking for inspiration, these are the best careers pages to explore. 

Macro Solutions

A woman-owned IT and management consulting firm, Macro Solutions allows employees to grow and make a difference. Coupling employer recognition awards with culture data, employee testimonials, and other branded content entices job seekers to learn more about the company and its open roles.  


The Village for Families & Children

The Village for Families and Children is on a mission to build a community of healthy, strong families and children. The organization achieves real and meaningful change through different behavioral health treatments and other holistic support services. To do so, The Village uses its careers page to recruit and retain the most qualified and experienced workforce. Check out the page to learn more about their benefits, culture, employer recognition awards, and the individuals who make the organization successful. 


Savvas Learning Company

Savvas Learning Company’s award-winning K-12 learning solutions are used by over 40 million students across 10,000 school districts. The company uses its careers page to promote people-first culture and attract top talent. The Savvas careers page stands out by highlighting current employee experiences, company benefits, and employer recognition accolades. 


AllHealth Network

AllHealth Network is a non-profit healthcare organization specializing in behavioral health for children, adults, families, and couples. AllHealth relies on exceptional employees to foster a culture of excellence and provide compassionate health services to the community. The organization uses its careers page to reach the highest quality employees and promote community-wide well-being.


Embrace Pet Insurance

Embrace Pet Insurance positions itself as a top-rated employer with a passion for company culture. The company’s careers page highlights benefits “that will make your tail wag,” employer recognition awards, and testimonials from current employees. When job-seekers explore the page, they’re immediately able to learn more about Embrace’s company culture. 


American College of Education

ACE uses its employer recognition awards, company values, and testimonials from current employees to boost its careers page and employee recruitment. The current employee testimonials on their careers page make a big splash, showcasing what it’s like working at the American College of Education.


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Tucker Company Worldwide

Tucker Company Worldwide prides itself on being the most respected name in North America for freight transportation. The company ensures safety, on-time deliveries, and award-winning service by recruiting and hiring top talent with shared values. Their careers page celebrates workplace culture badges for cross-team cooperation, supportive managers, and more. When job-seekers scroll the page, they learn a lot about Tucker’s people-first employee experience. 


Kastle Systems International LLC

Kastle System International stands out against the competition with its exceptional focus on security as a managed service. Kastle’s advanced technology and reliable employees ensure all customers feel safe and secure. The company’s careers page uses employee data and feedback to recruit and retain talented employees in a unique way. 


Commercial Contracting Corporation

The Commercial Contracting Corporation also has one of the best careers pages. Handling many projects that other companies cannot, CCC relies on hiring and retaining the best employees in the industry. The full-service general building and equipment installation contractor attracts hard-working employees by showcasing many employee reviews and employer recognition awards. Check out their careers page to learn more about the CCC workplace culture. 


Bigos Management, Inc.

Next on our list of best career page examples is Bigos Management. Bigos Management’s strong company culture and values shine through their company careers page. The real estate development and property management company proudly offers employees a great workplace. Its careers page celebrates employee development opportunities, strong community, and commitment to honest employee feedback. 


TitleSmart, Inc.

TitleSmart is a full-service title insurance company on a mission to help homebuyers close on houses in a fun and rewarding way. The organization reduces the risk for buyers, advocates for them, and counsels them whenever necessary. TitleSmart’s careers page highlights employee trust, appreciation, and strong values. The company also features multiple testimonials from current employees. Why wouldn’t you want to work there? 


Attract talent to your page as a Top Workplace

Now that you’ve had time to explore some of the best company career pages, can’t you see the impact of career page design? Including testimonials, employer recognition badges, and branding tools with employee feedback data show job seekers that the company cares about attracting talent, keeping them around, and building a people-first culture. 

Top Workplaces Awards are the gold standard of employer recognition. Showcasing badges for industry, national, regional, and cultural excellence from Top Workplaces attracts top talent because the awards are based entirely on Energage’s confidential, research-backed employee engagement survey.


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