Companies with the Best Benefits 2023

If you’re looking for a new job – or you’re an HR professional responsible for hiring – it’s essential to consider compensation packages that include both an annual salary and comprehensive employee benefits.

Companies with the best job benefits provide a well-rounded package, from two-way performance reviews and a profit-sharing program to wellness perks and more. Great workplaces typically establish their benefit programs based on company values, the desire to improve employee retention, or a push to attract top talent. After all, a lack of good benefits is one reason why employees leave to seek new opportunities.

What are good job benefits?

Excellent job benefits can improve health and employee well-being in a multitude of ways beyond just boosting their paychecks. Comprehensive health insurance and wellness programs provide access to preventative care and tools for managing chronic conditions, while generous paid time off policies and flexible work arrangements reduce stress and promote a healthier work-life balance. Investing in good job benefits can have a significant positive impact on the physical, mental, and emotional health of employees.

A few examples of attractive employee benefits include the following:

  • Paid leave
  • Affordable health insurance
  • Training and development opportunities
  • Digital coaching
  • Mental health services
  • Gym membership reimbursement
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Workplace flexibility
  • Healthy team lunches, coffee, or snacks
  • Employee appreciation programs
  • Childcare assistance or costs reimbursement

Importance of great job benefits and perks for employees

Excellent employee benefits can substantially improve your general quality of life, financial health, and your family’s wellness. Substantial job benefits also significantly improve employee retention.

Before accepting an offer, job candidates should carefully consider a potential employer’s benefit plans. A list of the best company perks found in today’s job market includes:

  • Company equity
  • Employee discounts, rewards, and bonuses
  • Employee growth plans
  • Career development training
  • Personal development training
  • Relaxation spaces
  • Company socials and work parties
  • Work-from-home options
  • Family planning services

12 companies with great benefits packages

Companies that provide their employees with excellent compensation packages deserve to be recognized for their people-first efforts. The award-winning companies highlighted here have made notable efforts toward establishing benefits programs that resonate with their employees. They are genuinely working towards increasing overall employee happiness and satisfaction in their work environments.



Paycom redefines HR technology with its easy-to-use, industry-leading payroll application. The company values innovation, people, service, and support – making it a great place to work and grow. To keep business as successful as possible, employees at Paycom receive many personal and professional development benefits. 

  • Industry: Payroll
  • Location: Oklahoma City, OK
  • Number of employees: 2,500+
  • Top Workplaces Awards:
  • Job listings: Paycom careers


Ally Financial

Ally Financial focuses on doing right by their customers, colleagues, and communities. This large company has a strong culture that values many employee initiatives, including appreciation, professional development, well-being, and work-life flexibility. Current employees describe their work environment as inclusive, diverse, and innovative. 

  • Industry: Banks
  • Location: Detroit, MI
  • Number of employees: 2,500+
  • Top Workplaces awards:
  • Job listings: Ally Financial careers



ChenMed is a mission-driven company with a shared purpose of improving lives. The company values accountability, belonging, inclusion, love, and passion at an organizational level. Joining their team allows people to be part of something bigger than themselves by serving different patients and underserved communities. 

  • Industry: Hospitals and Health Systems
  • Location: Miami, FL
  • Number of employees: 2,500+
  • Top Workplaces awards:
  • Job listings: ChenMed careers


EOG Resources

One of the largest exploration and production companies, EOG Resources maximizes the rate of return on investment by controlling operating and capital costs. The organization is committed to Environmental, Social, and Governance sustainability. It credits business success to employees’ ability to collaborate, empower each other, and share opinions. The company culture supports employee appreciation, well-being, and personal development opportunities.


Marsh McLennan Agency

Marsh McLennan provides business insurance, employee health & benefits, retirement, and private client insurance solutions to organizations and individuals seeking limitless possibilities. The organization offers a robust benefits program that encourages personal and professional development, celebrates new opportunities, and fulfills employees. MMA embraces individuals from all cultures and backgrounds, encouraging diversity of perspectives across their internal community. 



United by a mission and driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, work at athenahealth is collaborative, transformative, and meaningful. The organization delivers accessible, high-quality, sustainable healthcare and provides employees with a supportive culture that values innovation, integrity, mentorship, and growth for all employees. 



CBIZ provides clients with a wide range of financial services, including accounting, tax, risk advisory, government health care, real estate consulting, and valuation services. The culture at CBIZ revolves around people, offering benefits like professional development, diverse perspectives, employee recognition, and work-life flexibility. 

  • Industry: Financial Services & Insurance
  • Location: Independence, OH
  • Number of employees: 2,500+
  • Top Workplaces awards:
  • Job listings: CBIZ careers


Bell Bank

What started as a small, local bank is now one of the nation’s most prominent family and employee-owned banks. Bell Bank has a family atmosphere, which makes it a great place to work and do business. The “Bell family” is focused on doing the right thing, going the extra mile to help others, and having fun. The collaborative, supportive environment encourages employees to work hard and help each other achieve greatness. 

  • Industry: Banks
  • Location: Fargo, ND
  • Number of employees: 1,000-2,499
  • Top Workplaces awards:
  • Job listings: Bell Bank careers



Paycor’s HR platform modernizes people management, from recruiting, onboarding and payroll to career development and retention. But what really sets the organization apart is their focus on leaders and employee engagement. A leader in the HR industry, Paycor uses the Energage Platform for continuous improvement and growth. 

  • Industry: Payroll
  • Location: Cincinnati, OH
  • Number of employees: 1000-2499
  • Top Workplaces awards:
  • Job listings: Paycor careers


NFM Lending 

NFM Lending is committed to the success of its employees and recognizing their dedication. The company takes pride in its team members’ talents and values. NFM rewards success through group and individual recognition programs, offers a comprehensive benefits package to all employees and promotes from within whenever possible. As it continues to expand, NFM cultivates a professional, inspirational work environment that supports individual growth.

  • Industry: Mortgage Lending
  • Location: Linthicum, MD
  • Number of employees: 1,000-2,499
  • Top Workplaces awards:
  • Job listings: NFM careers


Baldwin Risk Partners 

Baldwin Risk Partners’ mission is to deliver indispensable, tailored insurance and risk management insights and solutions. Their vision is to ensure that all clients have the peace of mind to pursue their dreams, purpose, and passions. Baldwin Risk Partners value their employees just as much. The organization values authenticity, employee engagement, creativity, and resilience. 



CMC’s mission is to help people find the best path for owning their home – free and clear, regardless of starting point. The company values people over profits, which means they have great employee benefits. If you’re buying a new home, they’ll help you find the right strategy to pay it off quickly so you can have more financial freedom. 

  • Industry: Mortgage Lending
  • Location: Brentwood, TN
  • Number of employees: 150-499
  • Top Workplaces awards:
  • Job listings: CMC careers


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