Employee Recruitment and Retention

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Optimal employee retention and recruitment strategies

The effectiveness of your employee recruitment and retention efforts is key to both workplace culture and organizational performance. But how do you know you’re finding the right talent – and how do you make sure your best employees want to stay? Top Workplaces leaders have cracked the code when it comes to developing optimal employee retention and recruitment strategies.

Top Workplaces employee retention results

If you’re wondering how to improve employee retention, it’s important to first understand there’s more to it than perks and benefits. It’s also important to understand why good employees leave. Top Workplaces companies recognize what matters most is that employees want to feel heard, appreciated, and connected. This people-first approach to culture pays dividends:

  • The top-tier Top Workplaces report a 42 percent higher retention rate than average organizations
  • While almost half – 44 percent – of employees at average organizations say they have looked for a different job in the past month compared to just 14 percent at top-tier Top Workplaces

Recruiting as a Top Workplaces participant

Are you looking for ways to improve the employee recruitment process and gain the upper hand at attracting great candidates? The Top Workplaces program offers a unique advantage to help your organization stand out among other employers and attract talented individuals who will contribute to your organization’s long-term success.

Top Workplaces organizations strengthen their recruiting ability by:

  • Improving company visibility: With opportunities for regional and national employer recognition, plus industry and culture excellence awards, being named a Top Workplaces winner gives organizations high-profile exposure.
  • Promoting a people-first culture: Job candidates want to work for a Top Workplace, and the employer recognition award is proof-positive that leaders make people-informed decisions and prioritize a healthy workplace culture. Learn more about employer recognition awards and their impact.
  • Encouraging employee referrals: The Top Workplaces award is an excellent way to boost employee pride and morale. Employees who love working for your organization are more likely to refer their friends and network to work there too.
  • Building a strong employer brand: Earning third-party, credible employer recognition from a trusted program such as Top Workplaces and showcasing those awards on careers pages, social media, and more is an effective way to bolster your brand, which is helpful to attracting top talent.

Being recognized as a Top Workplaces award-winning organization is one of the ways to stand out among the competition, improve the recruitment process, and attract top talent. Not to mention, it’s an opportunity to leverage employee feedback to identify potential hot spots, maximize culture strengths, and improve focus areas.

Additional benefits of Top Workplaces participation

Participating in the Top Workplaces program does more than just boost employee recruitment and retention. Using insights captured by the Energage Workplace Survey, Top Workplaces are equipped to take an intentional approach to culture by:

Making data-driven decisions: Backed by 17 years of culture research, the Top Workplaces employee engagement survey provides leaders with valuable insights, empowering them to create employee engagement strategies that help them make intelligent decisions to improve engagement, performance, and turnover.

Enhancing communication efforts: Let your employees feel heard through regular pulse surveys to ensure engagement efforts are on track for success.

Improving business outcomes: Understand what matters most to your employees and start important conversations about what is and isn’t working to improve performance and better business outcomes.

Employer recognition programs are a powerful way to improve employee recruitment and retention. Earning a Top Workplaces award starts with building and maintaining a people-first culture. These organizations lean into employee feedback, listen to their people, and understand what matters most to their workforce.

Open to organizations with 150+ employees, the Top Workplaces USA national list is announced at the beginning of each year. The other national programs, including Industry and Culture Excellence awards, are published quarterly. There is no cost to participate in Top Workplaces.

Make your employee recruitment and retention efforts more effective. Nominate your organization today for the Top Workplaces employer recognition program.