Why Do Employer Recognition Awards Matter?

Organizations of all shapes and sizes chase after the same brand recognition dream. You might think you have a great product, excellent customer service, and a thriving company culture. But how do you know for sure? You need proof from a credible third-party source to know where you stand. And that’s where employer recognition awards come into play. 

Employer recognition awards are more than a shiny plaque on a wall; they demonstrate the qualities of a great workplace. They show that an organization can hold its own with the best in the industry and that they are leaders in their communities and beyond. Employer recognition awards come in many forms, from local and national honors to industry and culture excellence diversity.

However, not all employer recognition awards are alike. So, before you pursue earning an employer-of-choice award, do some homework to understand how different programs work, how awards are determined, and how they can benefit your organization.  

Benefits of employer recognition awards

Achieving employer recognition awards isn’t just a victory for your organization; it’s a celebration, a source of immense pride, and a powerful morale booster. These accolades go beyond the trophy shelf — they shape a narrative of trustworthiness for your employer brand, influencing your ability to attract top talent and win over new customers. Let’s take a closer look at the primary benefits of employer recognition awards.

Awards strengthen your employer brand

Employer recognition awards are an important component of a successful employer branding strategy. Beyond tokens of achievement, they deliver a powerful message proclaiming, “We excel!” A strong and effective employer brand tells a compelling narrative about your organization’s key differentiators. These endorsements contribute to a competitive advantage, establishing your organization as a standout player in the industry. A strong employer brand also has a positive impact on employee recruitment and retention:

  • Decrease hiring costs by 43%
  • Reduce time to hire by up to 20%
  • Minimize new hire turnover by 34%

Awards unlock valuable media exposure

Earning employer recognition awards gives your organization visibility, publicity, and extensive reach. These accolades bring valuable media attention at both regional and national levels and elevate your brand’s credibility, establishing your organization as a reputable industry leader. Employer recognition awards capture the interest of potential clients, partners, and top talent, serving as compelling testimonials of your commitment to excellence and success.

Awards elevate your recruitment strategy

Employer recognition awards are magnets for top talent. As job seekers scroll through potential employers, spotting these awards signals a workplace where excellence is the norm. The positive buzz draws in job seekers who want to be part of a success-driven culture.

Awards increase employee retention

Employer recognition awards are a source of employee pride, creating a meaningful connection between the individual and the organization. These accolades instill a sense of personal contribution in employees, and being part of an award-winning team inspires them to bring their best to work every day.

This heightened motivation contributes significantly to employee retention. As individuals feel recognized and valued, the awards create a positive, engaging work environment that fosters long-term commitment and reduces turnover rates.

Awards improve company performance

Employer recognition awards are a powerful tool for improving performance and achieving better business outcomes. Programs like Top Workplaces, rooted in authentic employee feedback, create a dual-purpose dynamic. These awards acknowledge and celebrate organizational strengths and unveil areas for enhancement by tapping into valuable employee survey insights. By analyzing feedback data, companies understand their workforce’s sentiments, identifying patterns and trends crucial for overall performance.


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