Building An Employer Brand

In an era where employee turnover and hiring challenges have reached unprecedented levels, the need for a compelling employer brand is more crucial than ever. Here’s what a recent Top Workplaces Research Lab study about recruiting and hiring recently uncovered:

  • Despite 80% of employers believing they effectively convey their company culture, only 30% of candidates share the same perception. 
  • The dissatisfaction with the time it takes to fill vacant positions is palpable, with nearly half of employers expressing concern. 
  • In the post-pandemic landscape, 60% of employers and 55% of job seekers acknowledge the increased difficulty in recruiting and job hunting.

Nowadays, every company competes for the attention of top-notch talent. Employer brand is your game-changer. Evolving from a mere buzzword to a strategic initiative, employer brand is the secret ingredient that attracts the best talent and retains them. Improving your recruitment process goes beyond ticking boxes; it’s about crafting a culture story that job seekers find irresistible. 

Why employer branding matters

Investing in your employer brand is not just a luxury; it’s a smart move that sets your company apart from the competition. Recent research underscores the impact, revealing that companies with a robust employer brand are three times more likely to secure top-tier talent. Trust is also a pivotal factor, with job candidates being three times more likely to believe what your employees say about your company than your polished corporate pitch.  Organizational benefits of great employer branding include:
  • Increased inbound recruitment and top talent attraction
  • Higher retention levels and lower turnover costs
  • A more authentic and engaging company brand (different but related to employer brand)

How to build an employer brand

Stay tuned for eight impactful ways to build an employer brand that attracts top-notch candidates and fosters an aligned workplace culture. These strategies empower organizations to create a lasting impression and stand out as an employer of choice.

1. Start with an employee engagement survey

Initiating your employer brand strategy? Start with an employee engagement survey — your workplace x-ray to evaluate the workplace experience at your organization. Look for a research-backed, confidential survey that identifies key themes, such as:
  • What are employees’ perceptions of fairness around pay, benefits, and work-life flexibility?
  • Is there inclusion, support, openness, and appreciation?
  • How do employees feel about training, learning, and reaching their potential?
  • Are there shared beliefs in your organization’s direction, values, and meaning?
  • Is there communication, collaboration, and low operational friction?
  • Are employees committed and productive, and do they advocate for your organization?
Employee feedback sheds valuable light on your organization’s workplace culture, including strengths, unique characteristics, and areas for improvement. Utilizing your organization’s culture strengths can help you to build an authentic employer brand. Consider this your powerful magnet that attracts new talent and customers.

2. Understand your employee value proposition

Your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is your organization’s unique offering beyond basic compensation. It conveys the tangible and intangible benefits that make your workplace distinct, including company culture, employee development opportunities, work-life balance, and additional perks. EVP is closely tied to employer brand, which is how your organization is perceived in the job market. EVPs form the foundation of an employer brand, influencing how current and potential employees view your organization. When your EVP aligns with the values and expectations of your workforce, it contributes to a positive employer brand. This enhances an employer’s ability to retain, engage, and attract top talent. Effectively communicating EVP is crucial for building and maintaining a strong employer brand that resonates authentically with your employees and sets your organization apart in the competitive talent landscape. Related: Top Workplaces for Employee Value Prop

3. Promote an authentic, credible brand

Communicating and promoting a credible employer brand is imperative for attracting top talent and fostering a positive workplace culture. Creating a robust careers page is an excellent place to start. A window into your company’s workplace culture, a careers page should offer a genuine glimpse into the day-to-day workplace experiences of your employees. By showcasing candid employee insights and culture strengths, employers give potential candidates a transparent view of what it’s like to work for their organization. Get the most out of your careers page by leveraging employee feedback for credibility and transparency. A well-conveyed culture resonates with job candidates who share similar values. Highlighting anonymous employee comments found in your engagement survey data also adds a human element, which can improve recruitment and authenticity. Discover more: 16 Employee Recruitment Strategies to Attract Top Talent

4. Earn credible employer recognition

Credible employer recognition, such as Top Workplaces awards, goes beyond office wall decorations. They signify third-party verification and legitimacy, showcasing your organization’s ability to stand tall among industry leaders. Whether local or national, focused on industry or culture excellence, these awards play a pivotal role in a compelling employer brand. These awards offer two key benefits for your employer brand:


First, employer recognition awards provide credibility by offering tangible proof that your organization excels, dispelling potential employee uncertainties, and establishing trustworthiness.

Media exposure

Secondly, these accolades bring valuable media exposure, creating opportunities for networking, sponsorships, and engagement with prospective employees and other organizations. Embracing and showcasing these awards is more than just a symbol of achievement; it’s a strategic move that places your company in a position of strength, communicating a commitment to excellence that resonates with current and potential employees. Discover more: Why Do Employer Recognition Awards Matter

5. Refresh employee feedback to stay updated

Staying current is the key to a sustainable, successful employer brand. Refreshing your employee survey data ensures that your employer brand remains authentic. By embracing this iterative approach, your organization attracts top talent and cultivates a workplace culture that adapts and thrives in the ever-changing professional landscape.

6. Build a meaningful onboarding experience

Onboarding experiences make or break new hires. It’s up to employers to ensure every employee is positioned for success. The most effective employer brands align messages across all channels to set clear expectations and lay the groundwork for productive employer-employee relationships. Candidates often get introduced to employer brands during recruitment, but it’s also vital to reintroduce your brand during onboarding. This way, employers control the narrative, and employees are better equipped to understand the culture. And thrive within it.

7. Use social media to reinforce your brand

When potential hires check out your company on social media, especially platforms like LinkedIn, what they see matters. The tone and vibe of your posts should match your brand. If your social media game reflects the same employer brand voice you want employees to experience, it will make your company more attractive.

8. Keep policies up to date

When you make changes to your employer brand, make sure they are reflected in your company policies. This keeps things clear for everyone and avoids any mixed signals.

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