Frequently Asked Questions

Top Workplaces Participation

As a Top Workplaces participant, you have a comprehensive, single dashboard view of every award your organization is eligible to win. This includes Top Workplaces Regional, National, Culture Excellence, and Industry awards. And don’t forget, by completing one engagement survey, your company qualifies to participate in awards year-round.

The dashboard also enables you to plan resource allocation, inform strategic plans, and align timing with other initiatives, such as award announcements, recruitment and sales campaigns, company meetings, and more. 

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The Top Workplaces national awards – including USA, Industry, and Culture Excellence awards – are open to all companies with more than 150 U.S. employees. To qualify, companies must achieve a Workplace Survey response rate of 35% or higher.

Top Workplaces national awards are open to all industries except those primarily regional, such as local real estate agents/brokers, local hotels, and K-12 educational institutions.

No! Completing a single Workplace Survey puts you in the running for year-round Top Workplaces recognition. This includes all national, regional, Industry, and Culture Excellence awards.

However, you can choose to refresh your survey data at any time. 

Here is the Top Workplaces national awards schedule.

Go here for the Top Workplaces regional program information.

Because the Top Workplaces national program looks at U.S.-based employees, those who are based internationally are not considered.

You may, however, include them in your Workplace Survey

The company size bands for Top Workplaces national awards are based on total U.S. employees as follows:

  • 150-499 employees
  • 500-999 employees
  • 1,000-2,499 employees
  • 2,500+ employees

Over the past year, Energage has invited almost 42,000 organizations to compete for our national awards, which include Top Workplaces USA, Industry, and quarterly Culture Excellence awards. 

Please note: The national awards are in addition to the Top Workplaces regional awards we offer through more than 55 media partners.

On average, fewer than 3% of eligible organizations earn a Top Workplaces designation, making these achievements clear differentiators among peers. Here is a breakdown of the percentage of invited organizations over the past year according to size band:

150-499: 54%

500-999: 15%

1000-2499: 13%

2500+: 18%

Top Workplaces USA Award

Top Workplaces USA is one of the national awards, which also includes Industry and Culture Excellence recognition.

Each Top Workplaces USA winner receives a high-level survey briefing. Recognition also includes a profile on that is optimized for sharing on social, career sites, and more.

Use of the Top Workplaces USA award badge requires an Employer Branding subscription. Go here for more information


Top Workplaces National Industry Awards

The 2022 Top Workplaces national industry awards include the following: 

  • Distribution
  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Non-Profit
  • Technology


Organizations that meet the national Top Workplaces benchmark are awarded as Top Workplaces in their industry. Winning organizations are listed alphabetically. 

Of the nearly 5000 organizations recognized as Top Workplaces through regional awards, 535 total organizations were recognized as Industry Top Workplaces award winners. 

The 2023 Top Workplaces national industry awards will be published in July 2023.

Go here for more information on how Top Workplaces are determined. 

Go here for the complete timeline of Top Workplaces national awards. 

Top Workplaces National Culture Excellence Awards

Top Workplaces National Culture Excellence awards are based on Workplace Survey statement(s) responses. Some awards – such as DE&I Practices and Remote Work – include additional considerations. 

Go here for more details about each of the Culture Excellence awards:


Clued-In Leaders


Compensation & Benefits

DE&I Practices


Employee Value Prop

Employee Well-Being

Empowering Employees

Formal Training



Professional Development

Purpose & Values

Remote Work

Top Leaders

Top Managers

Work-Life Flexibility

Woman-Led Organizations


You can find the full list of Top Workplaces regional and national awards here.

Use of Top Workplaces national award badges – including USA, Industry, and Culture Excellence awards – requires an Employer Branding subscription. Go here for more information

The Workplace Survey and Methodology

Because Top Workplaces uses the same standard employee engagement survey for all programs, we cannot remove any survey statements. 

Yes! Completing the Workplace Survey puts you in the running for all Top Workplaces programs within 12 months, including National, Regional, Industry, and Culture Excellence awards.

Here is the Top Workplaces National awards schedule.

Top Workplaces Regional program information can be found here.

All lists are based solely on employee feedback. There are no subjective elements to the process, making Top Workplaces the most credible, authentic employer recognition program.

Top Workplaces are determined on quantitative employee feedback and the statements and demographic information that we collect within Workplace Survey. Because we have collected data from more than 23 million surveys at over 70,000 organizations, the Energage benchmark is the most accurate benchmark available.

Go here for more information about Top Workplaces Methodology.

You can also learn more about what makes a Top Workplace from Dr. Greg Barnett, Energage Chief People Scientist:

Watch What Makes a Top Workplace