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The Menninger Clinic Taps Energage Insights for Continuous Improvement

As a world leader in psychiatric treatment, research, and professional education, it’s important that Menninger’s 400+ employees feel supported so they can continue providing world-class care to the clinic’s patients.

When Andrea Preisinger joined The Menninger Clinic in 2015 as Vice President of Human Resources, she was pleased to see that the organization had been issuing an employee engagement survey for several years as part of the Top Workplaces program. This meant she already had access to year-over-year data she could use to prioritize her efforts to improve workplace culture. It also meant that she had a baseline from which to determine the success of future initiatives.
"Being able to supplement our annual survey with short, targeted pulse surveys, means we don’t have to wait a full year to address important workplace issues that matter to our people.”
Andrea Preisinger
Vice President of Human Resources

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