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AllHealth Network is a non-profit healthcare organization providing a full spectrum of behavioral healthcare to more than 20,000 children, adults and older adults, families and couples in 13 unique settings. Behavioral health services include child, adolescent and adult counseling, psychiatry, crisis services, substance abuse treatment, adult acute treatment unit, services offered to the criminal justice system, vocational and social rehabilitation, school-based services and an on-site pharmacy.... Read more


AllHealth Network operates in alignment with a strategic plan that provides specific direction to accomplish our mission and vision. The strategic plan was developed with staff input across all departments, with members of the leadership team, and finalized by the Executive Team and is structured around our three strategic priorities:
*Care for Each Other
*Care for Our Clients and Community
*Care for Our Future
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To be the most impactful growth and recovery provider with communities that need us most.... Read more


To nurture growth and recovery by caring for each other, our clients, and our future.... Read more

Additional Culture Details

At AllHealth Network, we recognize that providing quality behavioral health services is highly challenging and sometimes emotionally exhausting work that demands the best efforts from everyone in the organization. It requires a strong and supportive organizational culture driven by a compelling mission, a shared understanding of the care process, and colleagues that value and support one another. We care for each other because caring is who we are, and a caring approach is the only way to consistently and sustainably provide high-quality behavioral health services for our community.... Read more


We build trust by sharing understanding, empathy, and kindness with one another while being mindful of judgment.


Englewood, CO


595 US Employees


Behavioral & Mental Health

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What employees are saying

The main reason I love my job is because of all of the people I work with. Having the amount of support that I have received from AHN is more than I have ever experienced before. I enjoy being apart of the team and working with people that truly care about our clients

I am learning and using my knowledge and skills everyday. I have a good boss that supports me in a lot of my decision making. There is flexibility and a good balance between my work and personal life.

I am engaged in the decisions and we live our values.

It helps me help our patients get to feeling more themselves and see how far they come with their stay here. I love my coworkers because they are my second family and we are close.

I love my co workers. My manager is great. I love being checked on about my job. I have not worked a job that has treated me so well so I am very appreciative. I cannot envision burn out happening in this job. The 75 minute sessions are working!

I feel relaxed to work in a way I feel the most comfortable and productive.

AllHealth understands that if we take care of our people, our people will take care of the community. We trust our teams to make good choices and they respond by being trustworthy. AllHealth removes barriers to quality care and truly prioritizes work/life balance.

AllHealth Network is a wonderful company to work for. I love coming to work and feeling like I am part of something important with co-workers and management that are strong leaders in our industry who are compassionate, supportive, friendly and welcoming. When I am at work I feel like I am part of a family who truly cares about and supports one another.

It offers me the ability to work from home and on-site and I have the ability to choose my schedule. I feel supported as a new-hire and I don't feel like I've just be thrown into the deep end of the pool and told to swim.

My manager and senior leader care about me, my mental health and my family. I am given the space I need to do my job.

I believe in what AHN does for the community. The management team is very involved in the organization and where we are going. AllHealth Network supports me and wants me to continue to grow.

All Health cares about both their employees and clients. It is important to me to feel valued at work and feel like my contribution matters, I feel this with my team, supervisor and above. I enjoy having the flexibility to work with clients while I lead my team and am given opportunities to continue growing with the organization.

I LOVE my job! I have the time, tools, and flexibility needed to effectively care and connect to my clients while also taking care of myself. I feel like I'm cared about by the staff at All Health Network which motivates me to do my very best.

I get to do what I do best, without management interference affecting the quality of my care, without being asked to do too much so I can't bring my best into the room with every client, and with resources and support from my peers and leaders.

My supervisor and I have such a solid relationship and mutual respect for each other.

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