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At Savvas, we believe learning should inspire. By combining new ideas and new ways of thinking and interacting, we design next-generation learning solutions that help prepare students to become global citizens in an interconnected, digital world. Savvas is built upon a more than 125-year history of innovation and leadership in K-12 education. We take pride in offering the highest-quality K-12 core curricula, supplemental content, intervention programs, and assessment tools used by more than 40 million students in over 13,000+ school districts nationwide. Our award-winning programs, developed by leading authors and educators and supported by best-in-class professional services, leverage adaptive learning practices and advanced technology to deliver immersive, personalized, and flexible content across all grade levels and disciplines. Through the power of project-based, real-world learning experiences that foster student engagement, we help all learners discover their greatness.... Read more

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What employees are saying

we have been able to design a team culture that is passionate about the growth and well being of the entire team.

We are making a difference in the lives of children and young adults. We are part of a family at Savvas Learning and that makes you feel good about your job and what you do.

I'm part of a growing company with good values. I'm happy to be involved in providing the education for our children. And I'm able to do it in a supportive and flexible environment.

I feel valued. Truly. I feel valued by my manager and my team, as I believe they care what I think and listen to my opinion. I feel like my input matters. I also love the fact that our company has a higher purpose: to help facilitate teaching and learning for all students. It feels good to know that we have a direct impression on young people.

I am part of something not only meaningful, but crucial. My teammates and department are thoughtful, brilliant people. I believe our work makes a difference in the world.

The leadership and employees share a common vision and mission to help learners and educators.

Make great products that positively impact students. Allows an excellent work-life balance

it allows me to be a part of something bigger and engage with intelligent, passionate and committed co-workers who genuinely believe in what they are doing.

I get to make a difference , work with educators, and be creative and innovative.

I get to work with people who care about teachers and students.

I am able to make a valuable contribution to the education of our children. I work with very bright people who share my values and if there are differences of opinion, the floor is open, so to speak. I am always learning new things from my co-workers. It is a wonderful job!The

I love the teams I work with and my supervisors - they all make me feel as if I'm an important member and contributor to this company.

The culture encourages everyone to showcase their unique talents and express their opinions. There is a strong sense of teamwork. Savvas believes in empowering individuals and encourages everyone to grow in their positions.

It allows me to thrive, compete, and succeed among my peers.

I feel like I'm part of something special. From the connection to everyone in my department and everyone else in the company

Every day presents a new opportunity and I can make a positive impact to the outcome.

I feel that I am making a difference for students and teachers.

I am happy and honored to work for a great company with amazing coworkers/management that recognize, acknowledge and appreciate the work that I do. I love my job because of the products they provide for ALL students regardless of their background or economic status.

what I do matters

I feel appreciated and empowered to suggest changes to do things more efficiently.

I feel comfortable amongst my co-workers and I have an interest in my work and the desire to learn more. It is also a very welcoming atmosphere for learning a new job.

Savvas has been so wonderful to me. I have been able to grow more knowledge tremendously with the help of my manager.

I am appreciated for the contribution I make to my team. I work in a positive and productive environment. I have great leadership team. I feel like I am making a difference.

Company Snapshots

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