The Top 15 Companies with Flexible Work Arrangements

We’ve seen more companies with flexible work arrangements in the past year and a half. Remote work, partially remote work, and all kinds of variations have become the norm. Flexible work is often used as a synonym for remote work, when in fact, workplace arrangements include much more.

Job sharing, flexible schedules, and shortened work weeks all fall under the umbrella of flexible work. Jobs hiring with flexible hours abound. A job share arrangement is simply a full-time job with responsibilities shared equally between two people.

In almost all cases, employees have more control over their work schedule with no interruptions to the overall flow of the company. Flexible work schedule jobs, jobs with compressed workweeks, job sharing, and other flexible work arrangements dramatically improve an employee’s work-life balance.

It’s essential to implement flexible workplace best practices to ensure employers and employees excel in a flexible work schedule arrangement. 

For example, setting expectations is critical for a flexible work arrangement to be successful. Another one of the best flexible workplace practices is accountability.

Managers and supervisors have to be responsible for clear deadlines and expectations. At the same time, employees should be held accountable for the quality of their work and productivity for the flexible work arrangement to be successful.

These days, there are many places to work with flexible hours. Companies are eager to improve their retention of workers by offering a better work-life balance than other organizations. Workplace flexibility is a significant factor in employee morale.

Below, we have detailed 15 companies ranked as the top places to work for work-life flexibility. Let’s take an in-depth look at companies that are the leaders in work-life balance:


CGI, an IT and business consulting services firm, prides itself on being a part of “the future of work.” It has adapted to an accelerated workplace reality, meaning flexible work arrangements are growing in popularity. CGI has assisted several companies and providers with transitioning to fully remote workplaces in record time.

The company is vocal about the next generation of workers valuing work-life balance and meaningful, interesting work. CGI provides companies with the service of pivoting them to the future.


Athenahealth is an excellent example of a modern, inclusive, flexible work opportunity. It is offering more and more jobs hiring with flexible hours, and a work-life balance conducive to the employee’s lifestyle is a part of Athenahealth’s values.

The company offers remote work for employees in just about every position. Some roles also provide the option of being partially remote and partially in-office. Additionally, employees who prefer to work in the office always choose to work from home if their child is sick or they can’t come into the office for any other reason.


CBIZ is a finance and accounting company that also offers insurance services. It values its company’s culture and is adamant about living up to its goals of putting its employees first.

A core part of CBIZ’s employee benefits program is flexible work arrangements. CBIZ uses a hybrid work model, encouraging employees to use custom scheduling and flex remote opportunities.


KnowBe4 is a high-growth information security company. It is among the leaders in companies that offer flexible schedules. KnowBe4 quickly transitioned its team to remote work at the pandemic’s start and hasn’t looked back.

Even the onsite fitness classes are recorded and uploaded to the company’s YouTube channel. The company also moved its monthly trivia competitions to a virtual platform. Employees can choose whether they want to be in the office, and today, over 90% of the KnowBe4 staff is working remotely.

American Advisors Group (AAG)

American Advisors Group is a leader in the reverse mortgage lending industry. It swiftly replaced its Orange, California headquarters with a hybrid work model in early 2020.

The company reimagined its workforce and maximized the work-life benefits of their employees by offering extremely flexible work schedules and encouraging them to work in places they felt most comfortable.


Mimecast is a company with an extensive list of flexible work schedule jobs. All of its roles come with the potential of being remote or having a customized work schedule.

Mimecast seamlessly adopted hybrid working with no interruption to everyday business. It supports its employees with whatever work arrangements are best for them and is one of the top companies that offer flexible hours for moms.

Daugherty Business Solutions

Daugherty Business Solutions offers custom software development and consulting to businesses everywhere. It believes its employees are the foundation of its business and treats them as such.

Employees rave online about the excellent work-life balance the company offers, allowing employees to choose remote or hybrid work. A host of employees telecommute, and the company is regularly ranked as one of the best places to work in the area.

Service Express

Service Express is a third-party maintenance provider for IT professionals. The company takes a lot of pride in maintaining a fun, engaging, employee-focused work culture.

All of its jobs can be worked remotely. Service Express emphasizes a pleasant work-life balance, noting employee retention as one of its biggest motivators.

Greenman-Pedersen, Inc.

Greenman-Pederson is an engineering construction firm that focuses on innovative designs and transportation infrastructure construction. An engineering construction firm may not be what you’d picture when you think of remote work, but Greenman-Pedersen is making their employees very happy with work-from-home opportunities.

GPI wants to evoke every employee’s entrepreneurial spirit, and they give them all of the support they need while doing so.


Another engineering firm, Ulteig, caters to the construction and infrastructure industries. In addition to generous employee ownership, Ulteig promotes a flexible work environment that keeps employees happy.

Ulteig purposely supports flexible schedules that create the most productive work time for their employees. The company also provides employees with hybrid work opportunities, recognizing the “one-size fits all” approach doesn’t work for assigning work styles.


Credigy is unique for its role in specialty consumer finance and also its culture. Leadership at Credigy partnered with WerkLabs years ago to design a proprietary, innovative workplace flexibility program tailored to each employee’s needs. As other companies race to define their approach to the future of work by becoming hybrid-first, office-first, or remote-first, Credigy’s success lies in being distinctly people-first. Credigy knows they are getting things right when employees love Monday mornings as much as Friday afternoons.


PTC is a vertical industry software products and services company. The company provides its employees with a relaxed work culture that emphasizes work-life flexibility. PTC lets employees choose their schedules for work times that best fit their needs. It even offers other companies digital workplace productivity solutions.

MIL Corporation

The MIL Corporation provides technical and administrative services to the federal government in financial management, IT, cybersecurity, and engineering services. It values its employees’ workplace experience.

Because of its stellar work-life balance, MIL Corporation was named one of the top places to work in Washington, D.C. The corporation offers an entire employee assistance program centered around work-life balance, which is virtual.

Shure Incorporated

Shure Incorporated is a global manufacturer of long-lasting audio equipment. Its positions come with remote options, letting employees pick which work style is best for them. The company’s management teams host team meetings through virtual platforms only, eliminating the need to commute to the office for meetings. 


ENSCO, Inc. is a technology enterprise that provides engineering, science, and advanced technology solutions to government industries and private companies worldwide.

The corporation wants its employees’ creativity to flourish, supporting their entrepreneurialism and innovation by committing to providing a work-life balance that fits their needs. ENSCO has an extremely low turnover rate, which is credited to how much ENSCO respects the work-life balance and accommodates employee needs.

Why Are Flexible Workplaces Important?

Flexible workplaces are vital to prevent employee turnover and boost morale. Companies with flexible workplaces statistically have higher employee retention than companies that won’t adjust to an employee’s needs.

A flexible work arrangement provides employees with many perks, including:

  • Reduced commuting time and gas costs
  • Fewer distractions
  • Better opportunity to be punctual
  • A boost for collaborative thinking
  • Increased productivity

Be a Top Workplace for Workplace Flexibility

The time for change is now. Employees in the new generation seek workplaces that respect a work-life balance with flexible work arrangements. How many companies offer flexible work schedules? Many companies do, and the numbers are growing every day.

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