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Top Workplaces gives your company a competitive advantage

You’ve worked hard to earn this achievement, and your employees told us you deserve the win. Here are just some of the ways you can display the coveted gold badge to differentiate your company from the competition:

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Top Workplaces premium profile

Employer Branding subscribers get access to a Premium Top Workplaces profile. With more than two million people visiting this trusted site each year, it’s a credible way to:

  • Stand out in a competitive market.
  • Show that you put your people first.
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Top Workplaces outperform the S&P 500

Top Workplaces are defined by employee feedback, not financial performance. Yet, research shows they outperformed the market – when the pandemic first hit, and now during the recovery.


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Top Workplaces achieved 3x in returns

"The legitimacy that regional Top Workplaces brings helps us recruit the right talent for our organization and attracts new customers to our restaurants. By adding national recognition, all of our locations can now benefit from this recognition too – and that’s exciting."

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