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You want to attract the best and brightest. They want to know why they should choose you. 

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 Based entirely on employee feedback, Top Workplaces badges offer credible proof your company puts its people first. 

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Use Top Workplaces badges and Employer Branding assets to build your company profile on the site that’s visited by more than two million people each year.

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Share an authentic culture story that features positive employee feedback pulled from the survey you already completed for Top Workplaces.

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Showcase key highlights from your employee survey to attract talent that shares the same passion and purpose.

Become a talent magnet

Culture Badges and Culture Facts are just two Employer Branding tools that utilize the employee survey feedback you’ve already captured through Top Workplaces to help:

  • Build a credible employer brand.
  • Showcase your hiring differentiators.
  • Give job seekers a glimpse at what makes your culture unique.

“Being able to share our employees’ sentiments, captured in the Culture Cloud, has greatly strengthened our recruiting efforts, attracting some of the best talent in our industry, and helping us keep our best employees.”

Resources to help attract talent & improve recruitment

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Spring 2024 Top Workplaces Culture Excellence Awards are live!