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Brandon Tseng, a former Navy SEAL who attended Harvard Business School, and his brother Ryan Tseng, a tech entrepreneur, founded Shield AI in 2015. They set out to bring cutting-edge technology to service members and first responders in moments where it mattered most. Since then, they have built a company driven to achieve, at scale, its mission of protecting service members and civilians with artificially intelligent systems. Shield AI has assembled a team from across a number of professional disciplines that is bound by the idea that values can sit at the center of a start-up dedicated to putting the state of the art to work serving first responders and service members. Shield AI products, beginning with our first offering, Nova, an autonomous quadcopter which explores the interior of buildings with no operator while providing live maps and video stream, are designed to create maximum impact by providing visibility and information in places previously out of reach. Because no pilot is required, first responders and service members are able to deploy Nova while remaining focused on completing their missions.

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