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About Acenda, Inc.

Acenda represents growth, success, and a commitment to lifting up the lives and spirits of those in our communities. By bringing together our bright teams, innovative services, and understanding, caring hearts, we as an organization are moving upward to move lives forward. As we join together to provide a wide range of mental health, crisis services, parenting support, family-focused therapy, and residential programming, as well as reproductive health services through our affiliate, FamCare, we are celebrating this new era and are optimistic about our future and the legacy we will create as the premier integrated health provider in southern New Jersey.

Acenda is at the forefront of community based services by offering over 100 innovative programs to support children, adults, families, veterans, caregivers and the community at large. With our results-focused protocols and driven, experienced staff, Acenda is having a measurable impact on so many people, in so many ways.

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Glassboro, NJ
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Robins' Nest headquarters located in Glassboro, NJ

A group of new staff at Robins' Nest celebrate their first day of work