Energage Announces 2021 National Top Workplaces Winners

USA, Industry, and Culture Excellence employer recognition awards revealed

Energage published its first-ever national Top Workplaces lists, the program that recognizes high-performing companies based solely on employee feedback. The awards were first announced on January 27th at the 2021 Top Workplaces National Celebration, a virtual event. Nearly 600 companies are recognized for 2021, including 570 Top Workplaces USA winners and additional winners in the Industry and Culture Excellence categories.

Requirements to participate in the 2021 National Top Workplaces programs

Employees were surveyed in 2020. Some organizations were entirely new to the survey process, and others participated in some of the 55 local and regional Top Workplaces programs that Energage supports. Organizations were required to opt-in to the national program, even if they surveyed with local and regional programs in the past.

To be eligible for the national Top Workplaces lists, employers were required to have 150 or more employees. Organizations could be public, private, nonprofit, or governmental. There is/was no cost to participate in the Top Workplaces program.

One employee engagement survey qualifies companies for all eligible Top Workplaces awards

Twenty-four statements in total, all Top Workplaces programs are based on the results of the Energage Workplace Survey. Several aspects of workplace culture are measured, including:

Align: Where the company is headed, its values, cooperation, effective meetings

Coach: Managers care about concerns, are helpful, encourage employee development

Connect: Employees feel appreciated, work is meaningful, working at full potential, clued-in to each other

Performance: Execution, open-mindedness, innovation, clued-in leadership

Engagement: Productivity, retention, recruiting

Leadership: Confidence in company leaders

The Basics: Pay, benefits, flexibility, training, expectations

How the National Top Workplaces lists are determined

Employers that score high enough are recognized as Top Workplaces. For the national program, employers were categorized into four size bands:

  • 2,500+ employees
  • 1,000-2,499 employees
  • 500-999 employees
  • 150-499 employees

Organizations are evaluated against the industry’s most robust benchmark, based on 14 years of research and data from 70,000 organizations and 23 million employee surveys. The five organizations with top scores in each category were ranked; the other winners listed alphabetically within that size group.

National Top Workplaces lists also include Industry and Culture Excellence awards

Using the same employee engagement survey and criteria, the National Top Workplaces program also includes Industry and Culture Excellence awards. In January 2021, Energage recognized winners in the following award categories:

Financial Services

Culture Excellence
Clued-In Leaders
Top Leaders

Year-round employer recognition at regional and national levels

Additional Culture Excellence awards will be announced at the start of each quarter throughout the year, with the next announcement in April 2021. The awards will recognize outstanding organizations across business-relevant culture categories, including Empowering Employees, Woman-Led, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Formal Training, Compensation, Work-Life Flex, Top Managers, and more.

Energage supports Top Workplaces and related employer recognition programs in more than 50 markets nationwide in partnership with major media outlets such as The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, The Dallas Morning News, Star Tribune, Chicago Tribune, and The Arizona Republic.

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