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WPS Health Solutions

After World War II, more than 300,000 soldiers–13,000 of them wounded–returned home to Wisconsin, placing stress on the state’s health systems and shining a bright light on the need for affordable health insurance. WPS was born in 1946 to meet both of these demands.

More than 75 years later, WPS Health Solutions is still a leading not-for-profit health insurer in Wisconsin, and our services have grown to reach active-duty and retired military personnel, seniors, and families in Wisconsin, across the U.S., and around the world.

The expertise WPS has developed over the years has enabled the company to become a successful provider of administrative services for the U.S. government. WPS Government Health Administrators manages Medicare Part A and Part B benefits for millions of seniors in multiple states, and WPS Military and Veterans Health serves millions of members of the U.S. military and their families through TRICARE.
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At WPS Health Solutions, our goal is simple, but vital: Together, making health care easier for the people we serve.... Read more


Protecting your health, financial security, and peace of mind with the highest standard of ethics and integrity.... Read more


WPS Health Solutions is a not-for-profit company that has helped people afford the health care they need since 1946. We have a proud tradition of service to our nation’s veterans, seniors, individuals, and businesses. Our work focuses on making health care easier for the people we serve. We do that by:

• Providing Medicare supplement insurance to seniors and administering Medicare benefits for the federal government
• Administering military health benefits for millions of veterans and active-duty military personnel and their families around the globe
• Offering a variety of affordable health insurance plans to individuals and businesses
• Offering voluntary specialty benefits, such as term life, disability, dental, and vision insurance
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Additional Culture Details

A performance-based culture is one where the great work and innovations of our people are seen, fueled, and rewarded. We accomplish this by creating an inclusive, empowering employee experience, focusing on People, Work, and Conditions.

People: We encourage people to bring their authentic selves to work and perform to their highest ability by providing coaching, appreciation, and transparency.
Work: We provide tools, training, and metrics to spur innovation, remove obstacles, and foster meaningful work.
Conditions: We cultivate an inclusive, adaptive environment that leads to resiliency and strength in our people, teams, and organization.
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Individual Responsibility
I own my actions. I am accountable and dedicated to achieving the best results for WPS Health Solutions and our customers. I embrace my role in helping the company achieve a high-performance workplace.


Madison, WI


2,520 US Employees


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