What Are the Highest Paying Medical Jobs?

If you’re curious about the highest-paying medical jobs, look no further. There’s a dramatic rise in high-paying medical jobs for physicians and non-physicians. The increased demand for non-physician roles like healthcare administrators, physician assistants, and genetic counselors opens new opportunities with increasingly high salaries.  

In the next few years, employment in the medical field is expected to continue multiplying. As a result, it will attract top talent. This continuous rise in salaries means it’s the perfect time to find a job in the healthcare industry. Check out this list and the rest of the best healthcare companies to see the highest-paying medical jobs and industry opportunities.  


15 Highest paying healthcare jobs  

The following list includes the best-paying healthcare jobs with physician-level education and some careers that do not require a physician-level certification. Information about the positions, their education requirements, median salaries, and outlooks are from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Even if the jobs listed below do not match your qualifications, learning more about these fields could lead you in the right direction.  


15. Nuclear medicine technologist  

Nuclear medicine technologists, one of the many high-paying medical jobs, use a machine to take images of a patient’s body and prepare and administer the drugs needed for the procedure. This fascinating area of medicine uses radioactive drugs that cause abnormalities to stand out.   

  • General Responsibilities: preparing and administering drugs, use of scanning machine 
  • Median Salary: $78,760 
  • Predicted Rise in Employment: 8%
  • Required Education: Associate’s Degree 


14. Speech-language pathologist  

Speech-language pathologists, also called speech therapists, help people with communication and swallowing disorders. Speech therapists assess, diagnose, and treat children and adults struggling with issues related to strokes, brain injuries, developmental delays, and autism.   

  • General Responsibilities: assessing, diagnosing, and treating communication and swallowing disorders 
  • Median Salary: $79,060 
  • Predicted Rise in Employment: 29%
  • Required Education: Master’s Degree 


13. Genetic counselor  

Genetic counselors provide risk assessment, education, and support to patients who want information about the risks of inheriting certain diseases. Additionally, genetic counselors interpret test results and serve as patient advocates within areas like medical centers, hospitals, and diagnostic laboratories.   

  • General Responsibilities: risk assessment, education, and support around disease inheritance risks 
  • Median Salary: $80,150 
  • Predicted Rise in Employment: 26%
  • Required Education: Master’s Degree 


12. Radiation therapist  

Radiation therapists help administer high doses of radiation to help treat cancer and other life-threatening diseases. They usually work in hospitals, physician offices, and outpatient treatment centers, collecting and analyzing patient data to plan treatment.  

  • General Responsibilities: collecting and analyzing data for treatment plans 
  • Median Salary: $82,790 
  • Predicted Rise in Employment: 9%
  • Required Education: Associate’s Degree 


11. Occupational therapist  

Occupational therapists help disabled, injured, and sick patients develop, recover, and improve the skills needed for everyday activities. OTs develop treatment plans for patients trying to improve fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination to help people live as independently as possible.   

  • General Responsibilities: therapeutic training for people with disabilities 
  • Median Salary: $85,570 
  • Predicted Rise in Employment: 17%
  • Required Education: Master’s Degree 


10. Physical therapist  

Physical therapists help patients improve their range of motion and manage pain. Although they are not physicians, PTs play a vital role in people’s rehabilitation by creating treatment plans, administering exercises, and educating patients about their physical processes.   

  • General Responsibilities: creating treatment plans and coaching people through their physical rehabilitation process 
  • Median Salary: $95,620 
  • Predicted Rise in Employment: 21%
  • Required Education: Doctoral or professional degree 


9. Biomedical engineer   

Biomedical engineers use engineering, science, and medical principles to create healthcare solutions. Examples include computer systems, devices, equipment, and software that improve patient care and medical effectiveness.  

  • General Responsibilities: analyzing and designing healthcare solutions 
  • Median Salary: $97,410 
  • Predicted Rise in Employment: 6%
  • Required Education: Bachelor’s Degree 


8. Veterinarian  

Veterinarians take care of animals, while physicians take care of humans. Veterinarians perform examinations, diagnoses, dentistry, anesthesiology, wound treatments, and surgeries for animals. This wide range of responsibilities means veterinarians must be well trained and educated on various animal ailments.   

  • General Responsibilities: animal care 
  • Median Salary: $100,370 
  • Predicted Rise in Employment: 17%
  • Required Education: Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Degree 


7. Physician assistant  

Physician assistants (PA) work closely with and support surgeons, doctors, and physicians. PAs can diagnose conditions, prescribe medications, record and review patient medical histories, order diagnostic tests, and teach patients about their needs. Because of their versatility, PAs can serve as primary care providers in underserved communities or step up to help physicians during busy times.   

  • General Responsibilities: examining, diagnosing, and treating patients, supporting role to doctors  
  • Median Salary: $121,530 
  • Predicted Rise in Employment: 31%
  • Required Education: Master’s Degree 

6. Nurse practitioner

Nurse practitioners help integrate primary and specialty healthcare strategies for patients. They can perform exams when doctors are unavailable, diagnose many conditions, prescribe medications, and alter treatment plans.   

  • General Responsibilities: diagnosing and treating patients across many specialties 
  • Median Salary: $123,780 
  • Predicted Rise in Employment: 45%
  • Required Education: Master’s Degree 


5. Optometrist  

Optometrists, one of the well-paying medical jobs, diagnose and treat eye problems, and they can also perform eye surgery. Patients see optometrists for eye-related injuries, medication prescriptions, professional diagnoses, and vision tests.  

  • General Responsibilities: diagnosing and treating eye problems 
  • Median Salary: $124,300 
  • Predicted Rise in Employment: 9%
  • Required Education: Doctoral or professional degree 


4. Pharmacist  

Pharmacists are responsible for dispensing prescription medications to patients and providing safety instructions. Pharmacists can provide patients with medical advice, screenings, and immunizations. Plus, they can inform patients about how medicines will interact and give advice on medication reactions.   

  • General Responsibilities: dispensing medications and providing safety advice 
  • Median Salary: $128,570 
  • Predicted Rise in Employment: -2%
  • Required Education: Doctoral or professional degree 


3. Podiatrist  

Podiatrists provide medical and surgical care for ankle, lower leg, and foot health conditions. They can work in hospitals, operating rooms, outpatient centers, and private practices.   

  • General Responsibilities: medical care for feet, ankles, and lower legs 
  • Median Salary: $145,840 
  • Predicted Rise in Employment: 2%
  • Required Education: Doctor of Podiatric Medicine degree 


2. Dentist   

Dentists diagnose and treat conditions related to teeth and any other oral issues. They may work in private practices, group offices, hospitals, research facilities, or public health centers, filling cavities, cleaning teeth, repairing teeth, making impressions for dental appliances, and teaching patients about oral care.   

  • General Responsibilities: diagnose and treat oral care 
  • Median Salary: $163,220 
  • Predicted Rise in Employment: 8%
  • Required Education: Doctor of Dental Surgery or Doctor of Dental Medicine degree 


1. Physician/Surgeon   

Physicians and surgeons are the best-paying healthcare jobs. These medical experts specialize either generally or specifically within one area. They perform different tasks like prescribing medicine, counseling, interpreting tests, and operating on patients. Physicians help patients through the diagnosis process, and surgeons are a subgroup of physicians that care for patients by performing surgery.   

  • General Responsibilities: assess, diagnose, and treat illnesses and injuries 
  • Median Salary: $208,000 
  • Predicted Rise in Employment: 3%
  • Required Education: graduation from medical university, residency program, and completion of all licensing exams 

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People enjoy their job more when they use their skills and continue to learn about their strengths. Using personally valuable skills improves employees’ sense of self-worth, engagement, overall performance, and management capacity. Explore more Top Workplaces to find a company that will nurture your skills and find a job you’ll love — you’ll see what medical career pays the most for your unique skill set.   


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