Checkers Drive In Restaurants, Inc.

About Checkers Drive In Restaurants, Inc.

From the first day we fired up our grills, we've had one thing on our minds: big, bold flavor. We make burgers and sandwiches you can't help but crave. Our fry game is the best in the business. We're taking “sweet tooth” to a whole new level. And we're doing it all at price that's hard to beat.

Our food and price aren't the only things we do boldly, though. We develop and train all our employees, from Team Members to Franchisees, to give them opportunities to move up in our company and build a rewarding career. We believe in a work culture as fun as our food is delicious. And we reward our hard-working people with everything from trophies to cruises

Regional Employees
Hospitality, Entertainment, Recreation, & Travel
Tampa, FL

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