NCADA serves the City of Saint Louis and six surrounding counties in eastern Missouri. We work to reduce or prevent the harms of alcohol and other drug use through education, intervention and advocacy. For individuals and families struggling with substance-related problems, we offer a confidential helpline, in-office assessments, and referrals to treatment. We also provide Transitional Counseling—a non-treatment approach to guide teens (and their caregivers) who've encountered some difficulties with substances. Last year, we worked with 65,000 students in 250 area schools, delivering a variety of innovative prevention programs and youth leadership trainings that bring measurable, positive results. We work for comparable outcomes in communities by mobilizing coalitions and strengthening their efforts to address substance misuse in their neighborhoods. And we reach beyond our direct service area by advocating for responsible and effective laws that impact both the field of addictive disorders and the people of Missouri. For 55 years, NCADA has been “the place to turn” for all matters related to alcohol and other drugs.

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