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Founded in 1992, Timberland Partners' first acquisition was a modest 46-unit community in Mounds View, Minnesota. Today, our investment portfolio is a little over 9,000 apartment homes. Our commercial real estate portfolio consists of 550,000 square feet. We employ over 250 full and part time employees and have formed partnerships with more than 300 investors.

At Timberland Partners, we co-invest along with our investment partners in every acquisition we make. Each of our property holdings is solely managed by the Timberland Partners team and we only manage properties that are in our portfolio. This is one way of ensuring that our properties, and therefore our partners' investments, are properly cared for in order to maximize returns.

Timberland Partners' primary goal is to build mutually beneficial partnerships. We believe partnership is more than just a financial transaction; it is building enduring and meaningful relationships – with residents, vendors, team members, and investors. We are committed to the utmost integrity, exceptional service, and clear communication with all the different people we work with and work for.

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