About MONO

MONO is a three-time winner of Agency of the Year from the 4A's. We've also been named agency of the year by Ad Age.

MONO is an optimistic, creative company
formed to create inventive–and industry celebrated–answers to brand and business problems in a working environment that is collaborative, team-based and free from the negativity, silo-ism, and general BS that surrounds our industry.

Simple is what we do. It's what we believe in most. We use the power of simplicity to invent and reinvent brands and businesses, making life for their competitors not-so-simple. We embrace design thinking, looking at the root of the problem, not just the surface layer. Intent and thoughtfulness guide every decision we make because we know our work needs to be more than just cool, it needs to solve the business problem.

Since opening in 2004 we've worked with a respected roster of clients including Walmart, Sam's Club, Sherwin Williams, Google, Molson Coors and Deluxe.

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Minneapolis, MN
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