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About IDeaS - a SAS company

The year is 1989. IDeaS' data-science founders are busy boiling algorithms and complex equations down to simplified decision outputs and pioneering what would become the founding principles of IDeaS' Revenue Science: the discipline of infusing sophisticated mathematics with industry expertise to transform data into accurate, automated, and actionable decisions.

And IDeaS has continued to blaze new trails ever since, from airlines to hotels to parking and beyond, our revenue science solutions of today are built upon decades of scientific innovation, discovery and trial-and-error refinement. All this history, industry leadership, and client success gives us full confidence in the ability of our solutions to provide our users with precise decisions they can trust instead of just hopeful recommendations.

The past 30 years have been a period of ceaseless evolution at IDeaS, driven by curious minds and passionate people. From deep machine learning to artificial intelligence to world-renowned SAS analytics, we've introduced the most advanced technologies into our software to continuously push the limits and invent the future, one industry after the next.

Regional Employees
Hospitality, Entertainment, Recreation, & Travel
Bloomington, MN
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IDeaS annually hosts a summer celebration for employees and their families with events for kids of all ages.

In celebration of the upcoming Super Bowl, IDeaS employees held their own "game day" event over the lunch hour.

IDeaS has partnered with Habitat for Humanity for more than 10 years for onsite build events.

IDeaS celebrated it's 30th birthday in 2019 with a "Back to the 80's" party and invited employees to dress accordingly.


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