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Genesys Works – Twin Cities is an organization that envisions a future in which students are equipped and empowered with the knowledge and skills required to achieve career success and a lifetime of economic self-sufficiency. Through our program, underserved Twin Cities high school seniors receive 140 hours of skills and technology training. They complete a year-long, 20 hour per week paid internship at one of the 57 largest employers in the Twin Cities. Additionally, they participate in our College and Career Coaching Program as they prepare and enter post-secondary educational institutions. We know that when a student has access to higher education combined with real-world professional experience, their chances of succeeding and gaining financial independence are much more likely. After completing high school, have the opportunity to continue their training and receive additional college internships as they progress towards their first full-time professional job.

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Ana Triviski serves as Ecolab's Genesys Works internal champion to ensure a valuable internship experience. Ecolab was one of the inaugural corporate partners for hosting interns from the Class of 2008-09.

Simeon Amos from Burnsville High School addresses the audience at the 2017 CIO Luncheon to celebrate the impact of Genesys Works along with their corporate partners and technology partner organizations.

High schools students learn valuable technology skills during eight weeks of summer training before their year-long paid internship.

Awards presented to the Genesys Works corporate partners at the 2017 CIO Luncheon