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Instructure's mission is to help people grow from the first day of school to the last day of work. To support the journey of lifelong learning for its more than 30 million users, Instructure is expanding its impact in education, growing into the employee development market, and supporting the convergence of the academic and professional worlds.

A new generation of students and employees is emerging who want to extend their potential, amplify their impact, and be lifelong learners. They are part of a new chapter in Instructure's story that is being written by CEO, Dan Goldsmith, and the mission-minded employees at Instructure, who are passionate about helping people grow and develop. Instructure is innovating today, at educational institutions with Canvas for students and teachers, and at corporations with Bridge for employees and managers. Together, the Instructure Canvas and Bridge platforms facilitate the connection of the academic and professional worlds supporting growth and development at school, beyond graduation, and into and throughout one's career.

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