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Did you know that laboratory tests are about 3% of the total health care bill and yet diagnostic testing supports 60-80% of medical decisions made regarding patient care? Hospitals and large clinics throughout the U.S. provide the majority of routine blood testing; however, if a patient needs testing that is more complex and less common for a diagnosis, specimens are sent to or “referred” to ARUP, a national reference laboratory. More than 55,000 patient specimens cross the country each day as they are transported to ARUP's central testing location in Salt Lake City, Utah. Results are then transmitted electronically back to the physician who is waiting on those results to continue treating the patient.

Regional Employees
Salt Lake City, UT

Over the past several months, ARUP has been working to expand our candidate pool for Medical Laboratory Scientists. Just within the past two months ARUP has hired several employees from other countries.

ARUP celebrated reaching an employee count of 4,000 with an Ice Cream Party! We had 7 different ice cream trucks.

Every year Santa makes a special visit to ARUP to help celebrate the holidays with our employees and their families.

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