Seneca Park Zoo Society

About Seneca Park Zoo Society

Seneca Park Zoo Society is a not-for-profit organization committed to connecting our guests and the community with animals and nature, inspiring them to take action to ensure a positive future for wildlife and wild places. As the nonprofit partner to Monroe County in operating the Seneca Park Zoo, the Zoo Society manages all components of the guest experience, including education and conservation action, admissions and membership, guest services, marketing, and development. We believe that all staff members play a role in inspiring our guests as part of their job, whether they are selling items in the ZooShop, serving a guest a hot dog, managing our IT systems, or working directly with the public in our interpretive and education programs.
The Zoo Society also is involved in leading conservation programs locally and globally. This includes restoring over four million square feet of native pollinator habitat, extending grants annually for in-situ species survival programs around the globe, and conducting unique biodiversity research in areas from the Genesee River to Madagascar.

Regional Employees
Rochester, NY

Director of Development Chuck Levengood finds a fellow cheesehead at ZooBoo.

Interpreters deliver over 500 programs per summer to engage the public in animal conservation.

ZooShop staff at ZooBoo!