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About Omega Tool Measuring Machines, Inc.

We are Omega Tool Measuring Machines, the final word in presetting , inspection and tool measuring solutions. Our machines, proudly manufactured and assembled at our Fairport, NY, world headquarters, are the most accurate, reliable and repeatable measuring machines on the market. The Omega TMM "customer centric" mentality is where it all begins, from research and development to design, to manufacturing to after sales and service, everything we do is laser focused on creating an outstanding customer experience. Our partners in tool measuring solutions are the best in the industry leading to the highest level of support and service in the business.

Regional Employees
Fairport, NY
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Omega TMM leadership team works hand in hand with employees to create the best customer experience possible.

Omega TMM employees invest back into the community all year long. Veterans Day at Omega honors employees who are veterans and family who served or are serving.

Omega TMM employees proudly manufacture and assembles measuring machines in Fairport, NY, world headquarters. In addition, Omega TMM has a Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise in China with 35 employees.


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