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The Steward School is a private JK-12 school with 630 students located in Richmond's West End. Our mission at The Steward School is to prepare our students for college and for life in a community defined by robust academics, inspiration, engagement, and care.
At Steward, we recognize that our world and economy are rapidly changing, and that today's students will need to become innovative adults who evolve as quickly as technology is taking us. We believe that choosing a school is not only about finding the right fit today, it's also about what will matter for the student's future. Every facet of our programming reflects this atmosphere of engagement, including our purposeful size. Steward is large enough to provide the resources for students to explore their curiosities across academics, athletics and the arts concurrently. Importantly, Steward is also small enough to give them the personalized attention they need to pursue these. We fuel the mind, stir the imagination and unleash the possibilities.

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