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We're a passionate, direct-to-consumer financial services company that specializes in providing personalized and simplified insurance with a commitment to excellent service.

Elephant Insurance believes in the idea that people who love what they do, do it better. The culture of openness, fun and innovation has driven Elephant to success. Elephant believes that every employee can contribute positively towards the growth of our company both culturally and operationally. Elephant employees are smart, dedicated and hardworking, and our success over the past nine years is due to their strength.

Elephant began in January 2009 by choosing Richmond as its headquarters. It is a subsidiary of the Admiral Group, the second largest auto insurer in the UK.

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2019 Winners of the Annual Trip to visit the parent company in the UK

Elephanteers helped at the Henrico Christmas Mother

Fall flannel team outing

Elephanteering at the Speak Up 5k

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