Shawnee Public Schools

About Shawnee Public Schools

Shawnee Public Schools is #ShawneeSTRONG! The values and mission of the district can be seen in all we are: Service, Trust, Respect, Optimism, Nobility, and Generosity complete the meaning of #ShawneeSTRONG. All of our more than 600 employees are committed to investing in the lives of our students. Within our schools we are attempting to cultivate a culture of excellence. We strive to achieve excellence in the classroom by encouraging our students to engage with what they are learning. We also strive to achieve excellence in how our students relate to one another and the world around them. By the time students graduate from Shawnee Public Schools, we hope that we have prepared them not only to be excellent employees and professionals, but that we have equipped them to be impactful and involved members of their community.

Regional Employees
Shawnee, OK