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Vincit is a custom software development and design agency that creates digital services and software applications from idea to market. Founded in 2007, we currently employ 500 expert professionals in Orange County, Santa Monica, Palo Alto, and Finland.

We believe that love for our work, and hard work, is what sets us apart. Through our hard work, Vincit was named Winner of Great Place to Work Europe 2016 by Great Place to Work Institute, now Vincit California has been recognized as a Top Workplace by Inc. Magazine, the Orange County Register, Orange County Business Journal and Timmy Awards hosted by Tech in Motion.

The Vincit culture is driven by two things: happiness of employees and happiness of clients. We believe that by creating an environment where “Mondays don't suck” and acting with the philosophy “Do as you would” our employees have the power to make decisions regarding their work and are happier because of it, and thus do better work for our clients.

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