Helium 10

About Helium 10


The fast-moving world of Amazon selling is
full of software solutions all vying for attention.
Misinformation abounds, as sellers are lured by
promises to “get rich quick” with “push-button”
solutions — leading to a wary audience just
looking for someone they can truly trust.
Enter Helium 10, the trusted and approachable
industry pioneer. We understand the life of the
Amazon seller and have built our business on
advocacy and transparency, developing reliable
and easy-to-use products while cutting through
industry noise.
With a strong moral compass and a passion for
entrepreneurship, Helium 10 leads the industry
with both cutting-edge technology and friendly
faces. The future Helium 10 retains its personality
while gaining a polished identity to communicate
the authority and innovation we bring to the
Our mission is to help Amazon sellers rise to the top through intelligent business management solutions, analytics, best practices, and automation.
Aside from developing our software, we also keep our community up-to-date with top-line Amazon industry knowledge and information. We host workshops and deliver thoughtful content through our media channels including (but not limited to): YouTube, podcasts, live webinars, and more.
With 80+ tight-knit employees based in the U.S and abroad, we have an arsenal of top-notch talent and personalities that have helped us boom from a small startup to a leader in the Amazon SaaS space.

Regional Employees
Information Technology
Irvine, CA