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Gonzaba Medical Group (GMG) is dedicated to improving our patients' lives by providing quality care and excellent customer service. We are located in convenient, family-friendly locations. We treat our patients Como Familia – “Like Family.” We believe in always doing the right thing for the patient, which means listening and providing genuine care. GMG adds value to our patients by cultivating a healthy and collaborative organization. A healthy organization is the foundation for a patient-centered medical home. Everyone in our community can get easy access to superior care at the lowest cost. Dr. Bill Gonzaba, our founder and CEO, started his practice in 1960 as a primary care physician, surgeon, and OB-Gyn. He pioneered the innovative patient-centered medical home model in the 1990s and is why we hold innovation as one of our defining characteristics. We are one of the largest and most innovative primary care medical groups in South Texas and treating our patients Como Familia – like family, is the primary reason we are one of San Antonio's top places to work.

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