Hubbard-Hall Inc

About Hubbard-Hall Inc

Hubbard-Hall's roots go back to 1849 when Apothecary's Hall, a neighborhood store which sold paints, fertilizers and sundries opened its doors in Waterbury, CT. Today, the company delivers quality products to a diverse manufacturing base. That's a long reach for a small company of just over 100 individuals spread out over three locations. Our corporate office is the largest with 68 Associates who do everything from product development and testing to chemical mixing & packaging and delivery along with several sales, management and administrative support personal. Inman, SC is the hub of manufacturing and sales for our specialty products sold everywhere outside of the Northeast. In addition to Waterbury, our Wilmington and Inman, SC locations service their customers specialized needs.
However, it's the dedication “family” ideals that makes Hubbard-Hall Associate feel known and valued for who they are and that their contributions are truly appreciated. It's total commitment to co-workers, community and customers that makes Hubbard-Hall a unique employer.

Regional Employees
Waterbury, CT