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With passionate and knowledgeable employee-owners that provide progressive technology, we can serve people from many parts of the world. Family and employee ownership enables us to be uniquely responsive to meeting the needs of our customers and communities. Because we are not owned by outside investors, we are able to think differently providing more agility and responsiveness to customer and community needs. Our world revolves around helping people with financial needs and dreams from birth to (gasp!) after death that goes beyond banking. We have the only in-house wealth management team in the area with three Certified Financial Advisors and a Certified Senior Advisor so that instead of a one size fits all approach that may not be suitable, Wealth Management will customize a solution that makes sense for each family situation. Creating a workplace that sparks passion takes a dynamic strategy. We're doing that at a grassroots level so that every employee has more ownership in the success of the Bank. Sustaining enthusiasm in loving what we're doing and creating massive results for our customers and employee-owners takes purpose and passion every day.

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Decorah Bank & Trust Co. Employee-owner team

Decorah Bank & Trust, located in downtown Decorah also offers two additional locations.

Cresco Bank & Trust Co. employee-owner team. Located in downtown Cresco; a division of Decorah Bank & Trust Co.

Cresco Bank & Trust Co., a division of Decorah Bank & Trust Co.