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In 1927, E.P. Arnold, saw a future in the automobile parts industry.. As he watched the popularity of the automobile increase, he knew that there would be a market for replacement parts. Although he did not know much about automobiles, Mr. Arnold built a box for the back of a 1927 Chevrolet. Mechanic friends helped him select about $65 worth of parts that garages would need. He tacked up a price list and traveled around Northwest Iowa. With $300 savings and a $200 loan, our company was born. In 1931, he opened the first branch auto parts store in Marshall, Minnesota. In that same year, the Spencer fire destroyed the original store which was promptly rebuilt.

5 divisions
2 auto parts distribution centers covering stores in 5 states
Auto Refinish Solutions Warehouse
Industrial Paint Solutions
Midwest Cylinder Head
State-of-the-art Training Center
53 company stores and over 60 independent Auto Value and non-aligned jobbers
19 machine shops
Over 200 Dedicated Certified Service Centers
Nearly 300 delivery vehicles driven over 7,000,000 miles per year
Servicing over 10,000 wholesale customers


Regional Employees
Spencer, IA
We're Hiring!

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