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At InCord we are safety net experts. From building and bridge construction, to sports stadiums and amusement rides, we design and manufacture fall protection netting systems to keep people and property safe from the hazards of life.

InCord, located in Colchester, Connecticut is the largest custom net fabricator in North America, serving every netting need for a diversity of industries. We stock netting in dozens of configurations, mesh diameters and colors for the widest range of applications, from small custom net panels to full uncut bales of netting.

InCord fall protection products save lives and protect property in national auto lube stores, manufacturing plants, and construction sites. Safety netting extends fall protection to stage performers in community theater and protects children in backyard tree houses. InCord netting can be found in the smallest neighborhood playgrounds and the largest amusement parks.

Our mission is to provide our customers with the best custom safety netting solutions. We serve our customers' needs quickly, completely and cheerfully with the highest quality product and service.

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