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Kinetic Vision integrates advanced technologies to accelerate product innovation within a broad array of industries including medical, consumer electronics, transportation, aerospace and consumer packaged goods. The company is an industry leader in multiple categories, including smart product and medical device development, packaging innovation, product quality engineering, software/app development, machine learning, AR/VR/XR and visual communication. Kinetic Vision's breadth of expertise and full suite of software and hardware tools enables them to meet complex product development challenges with an efficient concept-to-production solution. In 2018 we created the Deep Vision Data division to service the growing demand for synthetic training data for machine learning. We are honored to have helped over 500 companies accelerate their success and consider each of them our collaborative partners.

No other company has the breadth of expertise under one roof that we do, and those multidisciplinary skills allow us to solve seemingly impossible problems and create innovative products and systems that others cannot. Even the development of a single "smart" device requires industrial design, mechanical design and engineering, electrical design and engineering, hardware and software development, machine learning, visual communication media, prototyping, and possibly short-run production. Our "one stop shopping" model creates a simpler, unified customer experience, with considerable efficiencies that produce significant time and cost savings when compared to traditional multi-vendor approaches.

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