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When the work you do impacts the world's energy future, it's easy to be excited about working at GTI. Society needs innovative technology-based solutions to ensure that expanding global energy needs will be met responsibly and safely and businesses and consumers have affordable clean energy.

For almost over 80 years, GTI has developed high-impact technologies, technical insight, and training to improve the ways that energy is produced, transported, and used around the world. From concept to commercialization, we identify meaningful opportunities, develop new technologies, and deliver them to the marketplace.

Working from an integrated systems perspective, our initiatives expand the supply of natural gas and renewable energy; transform natural resources into clean fuels, power, and chemicals; ensure a safe and reliable delivery infrastructure; promote the clean and efficient use of energy resources; and address carbon management concerns.

Regional Employees
Des Plaines, IL

GTI is performing research and development to maximize efficiency and increase production in an environmentally responsible way in our Hydraulic Fracturing Test Site (HFTS) program

An annual Toys for Tots collection at GTI help provide happiness and the simple joy of the holidays to disadvantaged children

GTI energy experts are partnering with leaders in virtual reality (VR) software to develop cutting-edge emergency response simulations for training first responders to natural gas leak calls

GTI hosts an annual BBQ and Bags Tournament to get everyone together outside for a few hours to enjoy the weather, socialize with colleagues, and have some fun!

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