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At Neon Therapeutics, we're developing personal cancer treatments customized to the unique mutational fingerprint of each patient's tumors. It's groundbreaking work that could usher in a new generation of immunotherapies and hopefully one day save lives.

Our therapies are based on neoantigens, mutant proteins that protrude only from tumor cells. Our vaccine and T-cell therapies share the common goal of educating the patient's immune cells to recognize, swarm, and kill malignant cells displaying those neoantigens. We're in the midst of three clinical trials with patients who have metastatic or advanced cancer.

To create our therapies, we need an incredibly devoted team: Collaborative, creative, hard-working and, yes, brilliant. We are proud to have built a culture that enables us to attract and retain top talent. Candidates are drawn to our mission, diversity, excellent benefits, our commitment to giving back to the community, and our spirit of camaraderie. We have each other's backs and take pride in working toward the same goals.

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