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Darling Consulting Group's greatest asset are the people in the organization, all of whom create a whirlwind of excitement, energy and creativity that keeps us young. For over 30 years our “how can I help you” and “do whatever it takes” attitude has enabled us to be a recognized leader in providing a broad range of balance sheet risk management analyses, strategies and solutions to the banking industry.
We are pretty good at simplifying the complex and making fun what many find to be really boring, yet necessary, “stuff”. That is why we have a nationwide base of 650 client partners, including many of the country's 100 largest banks.
We work hard and play hard. We have a passion for learning and do not fear change. We are fanatical about recruiting new colleagues who are not just the most talented, but the best suited for our values and culture. The organization consists of can-do attitudes, collaboration, intellectually honest &curious mindsets, respect (for self/others) and mutual trust. We would like to think we wake up each day excited to be a part of something special.

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