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Since 2007, Annkissam has been helping people who are aging or have disabilities thrive in their homes and communities by providing robust software for Home and Community-Based Services providers so they can do more with less. Our affordable, high-quality software streamlines complex and ever-changing operations so that our clients can help individuals flourish at home instead of in nursing homes or institutions. We are national leaders in software for self-direction, Medicaid billing and shared living, serving clients in 27 states.

Annkissam is a self-funded, family-owned software company and our leadership has been built from within. All but two staff started entry-level at Annkissam including our CEO. Our leadership deeply understands the work here because they have done it themselves. Our highly conscientious and intellectually curious staff are drawn to this work where they solve complex problems and make a positive difference in people's lives. We help organizations that help others in long-term relationships with clients and staff that reflect our values of Quality, Honesty and Kindness.

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Annkissam enjoys time away from the office at a quarterly offsite.

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