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One Workplace is North America's largest commercial furnishings, architectural products, technology, design and services dealerships. Founded in 1925, One Workplace is in its third generation of ownership by the Ferrari family. By integrating construction solutions, technology, interior furnishings, and a distinct palate of materials we design high performing environments tailored to organizations unique brand and culture. Through our creativity, curiosity and experience we deliver insights that inform workplace design in an impactful way. We are located in Santa Clara, San Francisco, and Oakland and serve customers in the healthcare, educational, financial, and high-tech industries, and range from start-up to Fortune 500. We design successful workplace environment solutions that transform company culture and behavior by encouraging collaboration, fostering creativity, promoting productivity, and inspiring innovation. We represent Steelcase the largest manufacturer of office furniture in the world, along with over 300 manufacturers. It is our goal to inspire our clients and ourselves to achieve beyond what we believed possible.

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