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In 2007, Matt Dickason started Dickason Law Group, a traditional real estate closing law firm, to serve the residents of Atlanta and built his business to a modest size over the first few years. He, like many other similar firms, nurtured relationships with local mortgage lenders and real estate brokerages to send him business. But unlike other similar firms, Dickason, who was as much an entrepreneur as he was real estate attorney, noticed that the status quo for real estate closings could be improved and decided to make a change.
The Client Relationship Manager (CRM) became the client's single point of contact throughout the process. The work involved in moving a contract through closing was then delegated across multiple back of house roles. According to Dickason, the model would be instrumental in helping DLG scale cost-effectively while providing the best service in the region. The creation of the Dickason Law Network (DLN) also was innovative by creating a network of attorneys across the state that delivered the same quality product to the clients regardless of which attorney they had entrusted to do their closing.

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