About ARCA

ARCA was founded in 1957 by four Albuquerque families who wanted to create opportunities for their little ones with intellectual, developmental and cognitive disabilities (IDCD) to live meaningful lives. Throughout the decades, ARCA has worked diligently to be the role model of excellence in creating models of service to effectively build the skills a person needs to enjoy maximum independence and realize their dreams. ARCA services include foster care, adoption, residential, vocational, nursing and nutrition, Prader-Willi Syndrome Project, Smart Travel, Health Matters and so much more.

ARCA's trained health professionals, nutritionists, therapists, social workers, case workers and exemplary direct support professionals serve individuals of all ages with IDCD, including fragile babies and senior citizens.

ARCA's comprehensive, lifelong, community-based services are funded through various resources, including Medicaid Waiver, ICF/IDD, Foundations, corporations and private donors.

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