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Benefits of being a Top Workplace

Top Workplaces awards unlock the power of a strong employer brand:

Decrease hiring costs by 43%

Reduce time to hire up to 20%

Minimize new hire turnover by 34%

2024 Dallas/Fort Worth Top Workplaces Timeline

Step 1: Sign Up

Until May 17th 2024

Step 2: Survey Employees

March to June 2024

Step 3: Receive Results

June 2024

Step 4: Celebrate!

Fall 2024

Already have an employee survey? No problem.

The Top Workplaces survey takes only 5 minutes for employees to complete. 

Top Workplaces participants see comparable response rates regardless of running other surveys. 

77% of employees want to provide survey feedback more than once per year, Qualtrics reports. 

Top Workplaces includes a free survey summary for easy communication and quick action. 

Job seekers trust the credibility of Top Workplaces because the awards are based on employee feedback and promoted by The Dallas Morning News.

Check out this video that walks through everything you need to know about the Top Workplaces process and how the program works.

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Participation details

Award Eligibility

Your company must have 50 employees in the Dallas/Fort Worth metro area to participate.

Participation Cost

There is no cost to survey your employees or win a Top Workplaces award.


The employee survey is confidential, and only the winning companies are made public

For more participation details please see review our FAQ page