Energage to Announce the July 2021 Top Workplaces National Winners

July 2021 Top Workplaces National Awards Reveal

The next round of Top Workplaces national awards is now live. Go now to see this exciting on-demand, virtual reveal!

  • See and hear who ranked in the top five for each Culture Excellence national award within each size band.
  • Gain access to the full list of winners in five national Culture Excellence awards.
  • Get tips for using Top Workplaces employer recognition awards to attract top talent, stand out in a competitive market, and boost employee morale.

Who is eligible for Top Workplaces national awards

To be eligible for the Top Workplaces national lists, employers are required to have 150 or more employees. Organizations can be public, private, nonprofit, or governmental. There is no cost to participate in Top Workplaces programs. For regional eligibility requirements please go here.

One employee engagement survey qualifies companies for all eligible Top Workplaces awards

Twenty-four statements in total, all Top Workplaces programs are based on the results of the Energage Workplace Survey. Several aspects of workplace culture are measured, including four culture imperatives, Leadership, Engagement, and The Basics.

How the Top Workplaces national lists are determined

To determine the Top Workplaces national awards, employers are first categorized into four size bands:

  • 2,500+ employees
  • 1,000-2,499 employees
  • 500-999 employees
  • 150-499 employees

Organizations are evaluated against the industry’s most robust benchmark, based on 15 years of research and data from 70,000 organizations and 23 million employee surveys. Those that score high enough are named Top Workplaces. The five organizations with top scores in each category are ranked; all other winners are listed alphabetically within each size group.

Top Workplaces national lists also include Industry and Culture Excellence awards

Using the same employee engagement survey and criteria, the Top Workplaces national program also includes Industry and Culture Excellence awards. On July 14th, Energage recognized winners in the following award categories:

  • Compensation
  • Employee Value Prop
  • Formal Training
  • Top Managers
  • Work-Life Flexibility

Year-round employer recognition at regional and national levels

Additional Culture Excellence awards will be announced at the start of each quarter throughout the year, with the next announcement in October 2021. Energage will recognize outstanding organizations across business-relevant culture categories, including Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion as well as Remote Work and Caregivers.

About Energage

Energage is a purpose-driven technology company that powers Top Workplaces. The national program includes the USA, Culture Excellence, and Industry Awards. In partnership with the nation’s most high-profile media partners, including The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, The Dallas Morning News, Star Tribune, and Chicago Tribune, there are more than 50 Top Workplaces regional programs across the United States.

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