Indiana Department of Revenue Uses Employee Engagement to Drive Performance and Customer Service

Headquarters: Indianapolis, IN

Employees: 500-999

Industry: State Government


To nurture a fun and rewarding work culture centered on continuous improvement


Workplace Survey, Insights


Improved feedback channels, employee engagement levels, employee recruitment, organizational performance, and employer recognition celebration

The Indiana Department of Revenue (DOR) serves the state by administering tax laws in a fair, secure, and efficient manner. The award-winning service organization cares deeply about its employees and the people it serves. Indiana DOR participates in the Top Workplaces employer recognition program to capture and utilize confidential employee feedback and nurture a high-performing, fun, rewarding, and successful workplace experience that is centered on continuous improvement.

“We recognize that achieving our mission and vision relies on investing time and resources into developing exceptional team members. The annual feedback we receive from the Workplace Survey allows us to analyze the inner workings of the DOR engine and make meaningful improvements that foster a positive, empowering, and attractive work environment. Our dedication has paid off with a team of enthusiastic, engaged, and high-performing individuals, a thriving organization, and exceptional customer service.”

Ed Vance
CFO at Indiana Department of Revenue

At Indiana DOR, growth and development starts with honest feedback

Indiana DOR relies on confidential employee feedback to nurture a culture of growth and development. The Energage Platform helps us gather employee feedback in a digestible way, enabling us to focus on growth. The Energage team is always available to provide whatever advice, counsel, and support we need.

Using the Workplace Survey to better understand the employee experience

At the end of the day, it’s all about our people, and the invaluable feedback they provide through the Workplace Survey. Organizations are nothing more than a collection of people who bring their passions, skills, and diverse backgrounds to the vision. Gaining honest insights from individuals and understanding more about the employee experience through the Workplace Survey is where the magic happens.

Improving organizational health and driving employee engagement with survey insights

Energage Insights gives us access to scientific survey tools and analytics. And the Energage team is full of skilled professionals who can help our team understand the employee engagement survey process. Overall, Energage tools help us find ways to improve organizational health and drive employee engagement, so we can continue to be a Top Workplace and employer of choice for years to come.

“Fully utilizing Top Workplaces and the excellent assistance from Energage team members help us build an organization where people love to work, feel like they truly matter, are recognized for their contributions, and are growing with us – both personally and professionally.”

Bob Grennes
Commissioner at Indiana Department of Revenue

Top Workplaces awards inspire people to build careers with Indiana DOR

The Indiana DOR is proud to have an attractive company culture that inspires new people to join the team. Top Workplaces awards help us nurture that attractive culture and offer employees the opportunity to grow. Offering personal and professional growth opportunities inspires people to build a career with Indiana DOR and the Top Workplaces awards add credibility to our recruitment process.

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