Empowered by Survey Feedback, Eight Eleven Group Introduces Community Groups to Drive Engagement 

Location: Indianapolis, IN 

Industry: Consulting and Professional Services  

Employees: 500-999


Gain leading local recognition in Indiana and improve employee listening strategy for relationship building.


Workplace Survey


Confidential employee feedback identifies actionable opportunities for community building and a 5 percent jump in employee engagement.

Eight Eleven Group puts people and relationships first. Spanning over 30 markets nationwide, Eight Eleven is the parent company of three separate organizations — Brooksource, Medasource, and Calculated Hire specializing in consulting and professional services. Over the past ten years, leaders at Eight Eleven have used the Energage Workplace Survey as a critical part of their employee engagement strategy and the Top Workplaces program for well-deserved employer recognition, both locally and nationally. 

“When your employees love what they do and truly feel invested in it, they invest their own time and success into your business. That’s how you become a Top Workplace.” 

Paul Schiffman, Content Marketing Strategist at Eight Eleven Group 

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Eight Eleven Group’s decade-long journey of growth with Top Workplaces 

Eight Eleven Group first participated in the Top Workplaces program in 2014 to gain employer recognition in Central Indiana. Ten years ago, the company went by a different name and had 265 employees. Now, Eight Eleven Group has over 930 employeesPaul Schiffman, a Content Marketing Strategist at Eight Eleven, explained that after a few rebrands and the creation of subsidiary companies, the organization continues to grow annually by focusing on people and relationship building. 

A cohesive employee engagement strategy streamlines communication across 34 markets 

Having so many physical locations means employee feedback is more critical now than ever. In 2021, Eight Eleven Group really focused on using employee feedback to guide its transition back to an in-office work model and the rebuilding of its work culture and environment.  

Employee listening is an integral part of the organization’s engagement strategy. It even helped the many locations stay aligned during the pandemic and switch to remote work, which is something that most companies cannot say. Eight Eleven’s leadership team is especially proud that it has never had to lay off employees throughout its over 20 years of business. 

Confidentiality and acting on employee feedback boosts response rates and engagement

Confidentiality is one of Eight Eleven’s favorite parts of the Workplace Survey. Paul says it boosts employee honesty, making the data richer and improving leadership’s ability to make informed, data-driven decisions. Plus, people are more engaged and motivated by the whole process when they can see their feedback being used to impact business and company culture in a real, tangible way.  

“People are noticing, ‘Hey, the stuff that I recommended in last year’s survey, that is what they’re rolling out in this year’s sales conference,'” says Paul. “That is why we continue to see more and more feedback and more and more engagement.”

Employee survey data makes it easy for leadership to make informed decisions and confirm progress

Identifying new opportunities for growth helps Eight Eleven Group’s executive leadership team find quick and actionable solutions for their employees. Survey data also provides ample opportunities to track progress and share celebrations. 

Paul commented, “Getting that feedback, being able to track that improvement, really provides confirmation that we’re making the right operational changes or policy changes, that they’re being well received, and also that they’re working.”

Survey feedback sparks connection groups, fostering a 5 percent jump in engagement 

Relationships are at the core of everything Eight Eleven Group does. The company relies on employee feedback to build and nurture its people-first workplace culture. As a leader in consulting and professional services, it’s essential for Eight Eleven Group to nurture a strong internal community.   

Feedback from the 2021 engagement survey uncovered a need for employee connection and engagement. Survey data showed a 2 percent dip in employee engagement, but one employee comment pointed Eight Eleven leaders in the right direction. That comment said that “connection with coworkers” would retain employees. So, that’s what the company did.   

In 2022, specific employee connection groups were created for parents, people of color, people seeking mindfulness, sustainability, and other shared backgrounds, which contributed to a 5 percent boost in employee engagement. Paul explained how he and other employees genuinely enjoy these connection groups for personal and professional reasons. They provide entry-level employees with leadership development opportunities and a sense of community and support. Corporate events, education materials, guest speakers, catered meals, and volunteer opportunities energize the workplace culture, making it more inviting and inclusive for everyone. Plus, the ability for Eight Eleven employees to see their feedback grow into something meaningful is extremely rewarding.   

“I like that despite its rapid growth, Eight Eleven is still committed to the relationship-focused approach that led to its success. From investing more in the professional development of its employees to expanding its benefits to better support its employees, as well as the communities it serves, Eight Eleven cares about people.” 

– Anonymous employee at Eight Eleven Group 

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