Top Workplaces Case Study:
Dominion Payroll

Dominion Payroll Relies on Top Workplaces to Help Sustain Culture Through High-Growth Phases

Dominion Payroll, based in Richmond, Virginia, offers payroll, human resources, timekeeping, benefits administration, and pre-employment solutions to meet the needs of established and growing businesses. The company has been on a growth trajectory for more than a decade, appearing on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies every year from 2010-2020.

Dominion Payroll

Richmond, VA
Human Resources Software
Mid-Sized Business
(100-999 employees)

Sustain a strong company culture during rapid growth and within several regional locations.

Utilize Energage Workplace Survey as an annual employee engagement survey and win Top Workplaces recognition.

Early insight into potential issues so action can be taken and engagement can be maintained.

Building and maintaining employee engagement and company culture can be especially difficult for rapidly- growing companies like Dominion Payroll. Expanding with regional offices in Dallas, Charlotte, Jackson, Louisville, Nashville, and Tampa add to the complexity of sustaining a uniform and robust company culture.

"Our culture is even more important than productivity. Productivity can ebb and flow, but employees who haven’t bought into the culture can be even more harmful to the business.”

“Our culture is very much a point of pride for us and we believe it drives better business outcomes,” said Kevin Wilson, director of community engagement for Dominion Payroll, which was awarded a Top Workplaces honor in 2020 and 2021. “The recognition of being a Top Workplace is great; at the same time, it’s helpful to find actionable data that helps us understand how we’re doing by department and location, so we can take early action to address any issues and continue to build our culture.”

Aligning corporate values with employee values to drive retention

It’s rare for a company the size of Dominion to have an employee focus on community engagement, including philanthropy and volunteerism, but company leaders are convinced that engagement is what attracts both employees and customers, and keeps them “sticky.”

“Employees like working for companies that focus on their values,” said Dr. Shayna Cooke, vice president of human capital. “It’s nice to have things like an employee snack room and a ping-pong table, but once those things become commonplace, we need to understand why employees choose to stay.”

According to Cooke, employees stick with the company when they feel they have room to grow and have a career that’s fulfilling, so it’s important to know both if and how the company is doing that.

“The Top Workplaces program from Energage helps us to measure these things,” said Cooke, noting that the company’s turnover rate is about a quarter of its peers.

During the pandemic while employees were working remotely, Dominion Payroll emphasized work-life balance and mental health. “While we are eager to get back in the office and enjoy fun perks like the ping- pong table and Friday lunches, this year has presented welcome opportunities to truly engage with and support our staff,” says Cooke. This emphasis on the well-being of employees during a difficult year was one reason the company was recognized with the Top Workplaces award in 2021.

Employer recognition boosts brand reputation and recruitment

Dominion’s culture also plays an important role in recruiting new employees, and Top Workplaces provides valuable local exposure.

“In addition to coverage in the Richmond Times-Dispatch when we win a Top Workplace award, reporters have reached out because they see this and view us as a trusted source,” said Wilson. “That kind of earned media is fantastic and is a point of pride for current and prospective employees.”

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